The 10 Most Popular Long Standing Sukiyaki Restaurants in Okinawa!

Despite the impression that Okinawa is always like summer, it does get chilly during December to February, which makes people want something hot like a hot pot dish. You might be thinking, “sukiyaki in Okinawa?”, but don’t worry. Actually, sukiyaki is very popular in this warm paradise. It would be fun to eat and compare since each restaurants has its own style!

“Ichigin Shokudo”

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“Sukiyaki” is served even at “Shokudo [dining restaurant]” that can be seen everywhere in Okinawa. Naha City has many of them that open 24 hours and are loved by not only local people but also tourists. “Ichigin Shokudo” is one of the best among them. Cooked sukiyaki is served in a dish, not in a pot. Well simmered beef, shirataki (konjac noodles), shima-dofu (Okinawan tofu), and nappa cabbage are served topped with a raw egg. The taste goes well with plain rice. Very big.

Being located in main are of city, many people stop in after drinking alcohol. They also serve steak which Okinawan people often eat for a final dish after drinking, and it is really reasonable. Tourists would not have to worry about meals while staying because they are open all day and their menu includes a wide range of dishes. But in anyway, their sukiyaki is worth to eat!

Name: Ichigin Shokudo (Casual Dining Restaurant)
Address: 2-12-3, Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-868-1558
Time: Open 24 hours a day
Close: Occasionally close
Access: 5-minute walk from Miebashi Station

Map: map to Ichigin Shokudo (Casual Dining Restaurant)


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Itoya is a sukiyaki and shabushabu specialty restaurant, which is few in Okinawa. Located in a residential area of Awase, Okinawa City, but used to be at Chatan. So popular that old customer from Chatan still visit. Many bamboos are used for their interiors arranged in Japanese style. Looks chic with their elegant atmosphere.

Choose beef or pork for sukiyaki. At this place, you cook for yourself. Simmer meat and lots of veggies with their special warishita ( sukiyaki sauce). Plain rice and eggs come with them. Its price is from 3000 JPY for 2 people. Good value for money. Enjoy their food and get sweat sitting among the local people. This place is highly recommended.

Name: Itoya
Address: 1-26-1, Awase, Okinawa City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-937-1108
Map: map to Itoya

“Gyuton Gassen”

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This restaurant purchases best selected whole Okinawan brand cows and pigs, Agoo Pork. They are making it possible owing to their sister butcher shop, Nakadomari Seinikuten, next to the restaurant. Therefore, they also serve other rare cuts with various dishes, such as sukiyaki, shabushabu, yakiniku, chiritori hot pot (hot pot dish of meat and veggies cooked in a square pan), and motsu nabe [innards hot pot]. Being located in a popular resort area, Onna-son, a panoramic ocean view can be seen from their glass walled house.

Sunset view is especially striking. It would be great timing to visit. The ambience of the restaurant is also excellent with stylish interiors, such as lights made with ryukyu glass and red brick counter. They offer various events and reasonable campaigns all through a year. You should definitely go!

Name: Gyuton Gassen
Address: Nakadomari, Onna-son, Kunigashira-gun, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-989-4133
Time: 6:00pm-10:30pm
Close: Wednesdays
Map: map to Gyuton Gassen


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“Milk” mainly serves agoo pork shabushabu, but their sukiyaki cooked with “Motobu gyu [beef]” also tastes great! ” Motobu gyu is a local brand beef carefully raised only at Motobu Cattle Farm in Motobu-cho situated in the norhtern area of Okinawa main island. Their beef is 3 stars and above, and melts in a mouth immediately. Also they have a rich sweetness and uamami taste that goes well with the sweet sukiyaki sauce. Enjoy and indulge yourself.

However, you will not want to miss their real specialty, shabushabu with their special soup, either. It would be perfect for group and family guests to enjoy both. Their menu includes a la carte, such as raftee (simmerd pork), jimami dofu (Okinawan peanut tofu). Enjoy them with Okinawan “Orion Beer” and awamori (okinawan sake) while waiting until hot pot gets cooked.

Name: Milk
Address: 1F Hamashin Bldg., 1-33-2, Matsuyama, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-866-1566
Time: 5:00pm-12:00am
Close: Occasional
Map: map to Milk

“Sukiyaki & Oden House Emi”

Popular place packed with regulars all the time. Owned and run by an energetic friendly madam. It is not really common that the main specialties include sukiyaki and oden, but convenient for a single customer who wants to enjoy sukiyaki alone.

She cuts meat with a special slicer, and cooks it with other ingredients in a sukiyaki pan on a portable stove. Very big with beef slices, konjac noodles, nappa cabbage, Japanese leek, shimda dofu (Okinawan tofu), and udon noodles. Her sukiyaki sauce is specially made with chicken and fish broth. Tastes really good, not too sweet. She cooks up and serves at its best. Enjoy her fantastic sukiyaki while you are in Okinawa!

Name: Sukiyaki & Oden House Emi
Address: 1-3-8, Uehara, Ginowan City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-893-2188
Time: 6:00pm-12:00am
Close: Sundays and National Holidays
Map: map to Sukiyaki & Oden House Emi

“Shukizan Kazuki”

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Located in downtown area of Naha, Matsuyama. Their sukiyaki is different from others. They serve in a pan topped with a huge white cotton candy that made from their special blended sugar. A main component of the sugar mixture is Hateruma’s brown sugar that contains a lot of minerals. It adds their tasty Okinawan Wagyu beef not only sweetness but also richness and make it look glossy.

There is a variety of Okinawan dishes, and their presentation is unique. They serve shredded shima rakkyo (pickled Okinawan scallion) which normally served as whole. On top of all, they purchase best selected ingredients from all over Japan. So do not forget to try their fish dishes. Great place to enjoy Okinawan cuisine.

Name: Shukizen Kazuki
Address: 1F, 1-15-20, Matsuyama, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-50-5869-1463
Time: 5:00pm-12:00am
Close: Occasional
Map: map to Shukizen Kazuki


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Kuroton-ya is a shabushabu and sukiyaki specialty restaurant. Located in the most popular resort area of Okinawa main island, Onna-son. Convenient because there are big hotels around the area and one of them offer free transportation service. All-you-can-eat plan of this restaurant does not have time limitation. Perfect for big meat eaters. Meat choices change depending on plans: 4 kinds, 6 kinds, and 8 kinds of meat. If you are traveling all the way to Okinawa, try the 8 kinds plan that includes Okinawan Kuroge Wagyu and Ryukyu Agoo pork!

Choose two flavors from sukiyaki, kombu and tuna broth, hot and spicy, and Okinawan medicinal. They also have a variety of sauces, seasonings and condiments. Ordering is easy with their ordering touch screens. Their a la carte menu includes Okinawan local cuisine: umibudou [sea grapes (a kind of sea weed)], mozuku su (mozuku sea weed seasoned with vinegar and other ingredients), mimiga (steamed or simmered pork ears), raftee (simmered pork), etc., all of which are also included all-you-can-eat dishes. Enjoy their Okinawan food!

Name: Kuroton-ya Shabushabu & Sukiyaki Specialty Restaurant
Address: 167-2, Maeganeku, Onna-son, Kunigami-gun, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-923-1868
Map: map to Kuroton-ya Shabushabu & Sukiyaki Specialty Restaurant

“Sukiyaki Matsuyama San Bekkan”

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Opened in February 2017. Popular sukiyaki restaurant packed with regulars. Sister restaurant of “Shima buta/Ishiyaki San”, which is famous for their delicious pork sukiyaki cooked with shoulder loin of agoo pork. At this “Sukiyaki Matsuyama San Bekkan”, they serve sukiyaki cooked with A4 rank Ishigaki beef and their special warishita sukiyaki sauce. Meat choices include rib loin, sirloin, and lean cut.

They also serve chicken sukiyaki cooked with local Yambaru chicken and Kofuku Chicken. Inside their house with luxurious and stylish interiors, there is a counter seating which allows you to enjoy watching how they cook, and semi-private spaces where you can get relaxed. A bit pricey but worth it.

Name: Sukiyaki Matsuyama San Bekkan
Address: 1-B, Mansion Kure, 1-7-3, Matsuyama, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-975-7715
Time: Mon-Sat 6:00pm-12:00pmSun, National Holidays 6:00pm-11:00pm
Close: Tuesdays
Map: map to Sukiyaki Matsuyama San Bekkan

“Oniku no Isshin”

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Popular sukiyaki and shabushabu specialty restaurant renewed and succeeded secrets from previous restaurant “Isshin-tei” established in 1985. Always packed with regulars. Their quality ingredients iclude high class kuroge wagyu (beef), shima buta (Okinawan pork), freshest vegetables of the season, and fine eggs. The special warishta (sukiyaki sauce) is made with secret broth learned from a recipe of the long standing sukiyaki restaurant. It is rich and goes well with their quality meat and its delicious fat.

They offer a course meal with Okinawan pork, kuroge wagyu, and all-you-can-drink service, which is reasonable 5,000 JPY. If you want something cheaper, choose one with tender tasty imported meat, which is only 3,500 JPY. This restaurant is located in the center of Naha city, so very convenient to access.

Name: Oniku no Isshin
Address: 1F, Omiya Bldg., 1-5-1, Kumoji, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-866-0736
Time: Tue-Fri 11:30am-2:00pmSun-Thu 5:00pm-11:00pmFri, Sat 5:00pm-12:00am
Close: Wednesdays, 2nd and 4th Tuesdays
Map: map to Oniku no Isshin

“Oshokuji-dokoro Mikado”

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“Oshokuji-dokoro Mikado” is a no-frills restaurant that opens 24 hours a day. Established in 1962. Winning Naha people’s hearts through their stomachs, this place is always packed with the locals. From their open kitchen, customers can see how their food is being cooked.

Their sukiyaki is served in a dish as usual in shokudo [dining restaurant] of Okinawa. It is cooked with meat, cabbage, shima dofu (Okinawan tofu), onion, carrot, and some kind of leafy green vegetable, topped with an raw egg, of course. This place is said that they originally started Okinawan sukiyaki. They say, for a customer who wanted sukiyaki, they cooked it in a normal pan because they didn’t have a sukiyaki pan at that time and served in a dish, and that’s how it began. Really friendly and cheerful, so it is not difficult at all even for a woman to enter by herself. Visit once while you are in Naha City.

Name: Oshokuji-dokoro Mikado
Address: 1-3-18, Matsuyama, Naha City, Okinawa
Phone: +81-98-868-7082
Time: Open 24 hours a day
Close: Occasional
Map: map to Oshokuji-dokoro Mikado

Eat delicious sukiyaki in Okinawa!

From an easy style of sukiyaki to luxurious ones cooked with high class kuroge wagyu, each restaurant offers a different style of sukiyaki. Also, veggies and warishita (sukiyaki sauce) they use are different depending on the restaurant. It would be fun to try some places and find the one you like while on travel. Reflect on this article for delicious sukiyaki when you fly to Okinawa!

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