The Best 11 Must-Buy Souvenirs in Yokohama, Kanagawa

Many foreign visitors swarm to Yokohama every year attracted to a lot of sightseeing spots. In this city, there are, of course many attractive products to give as souvenirs, starting with tasty sweets. You can take some of them back to your home like Shumai (a steamed meat dumpling) for example. Among the popular products to give as souvenirs, here are the 11 which always please. You may want one for yourself as well!

1. Ariake Yokohama harbor Double Mallon

1. Ariake Yokohama harbor Double Mallon
photo by itoko23   /   embedded from Instagram

This is a mini-cake shaped boat just like the port, Yokohama. The thin Castella (sponge cake) wraps the mashed sweet chestnuts (mallon) with the small pieces of chestnuts included. If you love chestnuts, you can’t wait. The moist genuine chestnuts create a moderate amount of sweetness.

As the plentiful chestnuts paste will fill you up, even only one will satisfy you. It is just right for a souvenir. They have different flavors, such as a chocolate one and the package is also different, depending on the flavor. You can choose your favorite flavor with your favorite package. They look pretty, don’t they?

Name: Ariake Yokohama harbor Double Mallon
Maker: Ariake Co., Ltd.
Price: 891yen for 5 pieces

2. Yokohama 3 Towers Story Stick Cake

2. Yokohama 3 Towers Story Stick Cake
photo by licchin   /   embedded from Instagram

These stick cakes have been baked in association with the city legend, “Yokohama 3 Tower Story”. The box of assorted of 3 stick cakes has 3 different flavors. (chocolate, English-tea, orange) and each of them has its own significant taste.

The moist elegant sweetness is popular from young people to elderly- a wide generation. So, this is the one which you can give to anybody.

The 3 Towers are the symbols of the Yokohama Port. They are the “Kanagawa Prefecture Municipal Office (King)”, the “Yokohama Tax Office (Queen)” and the “Yokohama Port Opening Memorial Hall (Jack)”. They will be the memento of your Yokohama sightseeing. What a wonderful souvenir, it is!

Name: Yokohama 3 Towers Story Stick Cake
Maker: Sanyo Bussan Co., Ltd.
Price: 660yen for a set of 3

3. Kiyoken’s Shumai

3. Kiyoken’s Shumai
photo by hime.1226   /   embedded from Instagram

Yokohama always reminds you of Kiyoken’s shumai. They are the most famous products among all famous products in Yokohama. When you come to Yokohama, you can’t go home without tasting them.

You can eat them at the shop and they are delicious, but they are also selling the ones which you can take with you as a souvenir. The Kiyoken’s shumai has different ingredients such as pork, prawns and crabs and each rich flavor sets off the delicious taste more and more.

You can keep them in the fridge for a while. It is wonderful that you can enjoy the professionally cooked shumai at home, warming them up in a microwave, isn’t it? Each shumai is a bite-size, so buying just the right amount is recommended. Would you like a challenge to make shumai by yourself?

Name: Kiyoken
Price: 1370yen for 12 pieces in a box

4. Yokohama Neapolitan

4. Yokohama Neapolitan
photo by parutaaa   /   embedded from Instagram

Spaghetti Neapolitan originated in Yokohama. In Yokohama, the China Town is well-known, but actually, there are many restaurants where you can enjoy genuine Spaghetti Neapolitan to the full. It is truly popular. People who want to enjoy this Neapolitan at home can buy the sauce, the Yokohama Neapolitan”.

It is one of the most standard products for people who come to Yokohama to buy as their souvenirs. The sauce includes ham and mushrooms, so the only thing you need to do is to boil the spaghetti! Then you can enjoy the genuine Spaghetti Neapolitan at home. Isn’t it wonderful?

Name: Yokohama Neapolitan
Maker: Yokohama Honpo Co., Ltd.
Price: 398yen

5. Yokohama Chocolate “Red Shoes”

5. Yokohama Chocolate Red Shoes
photo by candy_macaron   /   embedded from Instagram

Generally speaking, the right product as a souvenir is chocolate, isn’t it? In Yokohama, the Yokohama chocolate “Red Shoes” are very popular among ladies, because of the pretty package. The “Red Shoes” is a nursery song which was written in Yokohama. This product has been made with its motif.

The design of a package is pretty, but on the top of that, each chocolate in the package has a shape of the Red Shoes. They look so cute that you want to display them rather than eat them. It is such a nice souvenir for females. Have you ever heard the lyrics of the song?

Name: Yokohama chocolate “Red Shoes”
Maker: Yokohama Marine Foods
Price: 280yen for a pair of shoes / 842yen for 3 pairs in the transparent sleeves

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6. A girl in a Red Shoes “Strawberry Langue”

6. A girl in a Red Shoes Strawberry Langue
photo by bingo0504   /   embedded from Instagram

These are the same series as the “Red Shoes”. They also have a high popularity. They are langue des chat where the strawberry and chocolate are sandwiched by 2 flat cookies. The pretty package and the sweet strawberry flavor achieves popularity with females! Do you want to keep the package? Pretty, aren’t they?

The white langue des chat is also nice and popular as the same product. If you buy the “Red Shoes” and the “White” , you can make a wonderful set of the Yokohama langue des chat!

Name: A girl in a Red Shoes “Strawberry Langue”
Maker: Yokohama Marine Foods
Price: 600yen for 12 pieces in a box

7. Yokohama France

7. Yokohama France
photo by k___k.23   /   embedded from Instagram

Yokohama France is a long established confectionary with an unshakable popularity for a long time. They are a bite-size pie sweet with cream between the crispy pies wrapped up with chocolate. They are popular among a wide generation and with both genders.

The design of the package as well as the product is classy. The famous spots in Yokohama are printed, so it’s just right for a souvenir from Yokohama. They have 3 different flavors, Such as “milk”, “matcha” and “strawberry”. You can taste all the flavors at once. They are a very elegant delicacy of Yokohama. Don’t miss buying them!

Name: Yokohama France
Maker: Yokohama France
Price: 648yen for 6 pieces in a box

8. Yokohama Potato

8. Yokohama Potato
photo by skaori0205   /   embedded from Instagram

Recently, these sweet potatoes have been achieving high popularity among young ladies. Among the various sweet potatoes, this “Yokohama Potato” is exquisite. It is moist, smooth and has a very nice taste. It looks small, but it gives enough satisfaction to your empty stomach.

They are delicious even though they have been kept at the room temperature, but the cooled ones are more delicious, as you can taste the original potato. They are the original products of the “Yokohama Memories” on the 5th floor at the Yokohama Land-mark Tower. Why don’t you extend your trip to the Land-mark Plaza to buy these delicious potatoes!

Name: Yokohama Potato
Maker: Yokohama Memories
Price: 1000yen for 6 pieces in a box

9. Silk Almond

9. Silk Almond
photo by mnmrkm   /   embedded from Instagram

Silk has been a special product in Yokohama for a long time. The Silk Almond is associated with white Silk. The crispy aromatic almond is wrapped with milk powder. The snow white round design is cute and you can’t resist the temptation to pick it up and taste it.

Please be careful not to eat too many, because they have moderate sweetness. It is easy to over eat. The special Yokohama product, silk appeared on the sweets and the package has the Yokohama’s good olden times town picture. It will be a wonderful souvenir from Yokohama.

Name: Silk Almond
Maker: Made in Yokohama
Price: 432yen for a small packet (50g 19 pieces)

10. Yokohama Brick Street

10. Yokohama Brick Street
photo by nonpome0913   /   embedded from Instagram

The famous Yokohama sightseeing spot, the Red Brick Warehouse is a symbol of Yokohama. The “Yokohama Brick Street” is a hard-baked almond cake which resembles the bricks of the symbolic sightseeing spot. The aromatic almond fragrance and the caramel taste match well each with other. It is a popular snack not only for children but also for adults.

It goes very well with a cup of coffee, so it is convenient for a special cup at coffee time. It is reasonable in price and each one is wrapped individually. It is easy to give many people one each. Don’t forget to keep one for yourself!

Name: Yokohama Brick Street
Maker: Wishbon
Price: 1080yen for 12 pieces in a box

11. Blue Dal Series

11. Blue Dal Series
photo by love_dae_soo   /   embedded from Instagram

“Blue Dal Series” is a character series of Dalmatian with a pretty blue color. As it is so famous, many people have already known about it, haven’t they? It is said that they originated from the Dalmatian which landed in Yokohama 150 years ago. It’s an interesting story, isn’t it? Why the Dalmatian ended up in Yokohama?

The shop arranges not only standard sweets but also key-holders, stationeries and various other items. They are all cute, so they will be suitable for ladies and children as souvenirs.

Name: blue-dal-series
Maker: Export

Let’s buy great Yokohama Souvenirs!

What do you think about those products? In Yokohama, there are so many products out there as souvenirs. No wonder you can’t decide on one. But if you choose one of the above products, you will never go wrong. Taste a bit of Yokohama!

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