The 10 Best Places to Eat in Awaji Island, Japan

Awaji Island is between Japan’s HONSHU and SHIKOKU. Here in Awaji Island, there are many sightseeing spots and a beautiful sea, of course delicious foods too. This time we will introduce 10 recommended gourmet places that you should absolutely eat at when you go to Awaji Island, where you can spend such a luxurious time. You can forget your usual life, eat delicious food and refresh!

1. Awaji Island Burger, Awajishima Onion Kitchen

1. Awaji Island Burger, Awajishima Onion Kitchen
photo by ushikun96   /   embedded from Instagram

Firstly, we will introduce a popular and famous gourmet burger shop in Awaji Island. There are also many people who know it. That shop’s name is “Awaji Island Burger Awajishima Onion Kitchen”. The best-selling burger is of course the “Awajishima Burger”. It is standout burger that ranked first and second in the local Burger Grand Prix nationwide.

If you come to Awaji Island for sightseeing, you will definitely want to try it! It is very tasty with plenty of special products from Awaji Island. Please do sample by all means.

Recommended shop: Awaji Island Burger, Awajishima Onion Kitchen
Address: 947-22 Fukura hei, Minami-Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-52-2888

Map: Map to Awaji Island Burger, Awajishima Onion Kitchen

2. G・Elm

2. G・Elm
photo by esan301   /   embedded from Instagram

Would you like to have cold and delicious ice cream while looking at the beautiful sea from Awaji Island? You can do this by visiting a popular ice cream shop “G・Elm”, and sampling their ice cream. Honestly you might think you can have ice cream anywhere, however “G・Elm” is a bit different.

It has plenty of the taste of Awaji Island. The ice cream made from fresh milk and strawberries is especially popular! Please try and enjoy the excellent taste of their popular ice cream, of course most recommended for a hot summer day!

Recommended shop: G・Elm
Address: 1530-2 Fukura kou, Minami-Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-50-2332
Hours: 10: 00 ~ 18: 00

Map: Map to G・Elm

3. Hayashi-ya

3. Hayashi-ya
photo by ayano9686   /   embedded from Instagram

Awaji Island is synonymous for fresh seafood! And if you want to eat fresh seafood we recommended here. “Hayashi-ya” is a “Sushi” restaurant and the owner is a fishmonger too. So, you can expect that you can have the best fresh seafood for “Sushi” toppings. Of course, the taste is exceptional!

Because it is a famous popular restaurant in Awaji Island, it is better to reserve in advance when you visit “Hayashi-ya”. After you eat here, there is no doubt that you will not be satisfied with other “Sushi” places. When you are in Awaji Island, let’s go to eat fresh and excellent seafood at “Hayashi-ya”!

Recommended restaurant: Hayashi-ya
Address: 1168 Iwaya, Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-72-5544
Hours: 11: 30 ~ 14: 30 / 16: 30 ~ 20: 00

Map: Map to Hayashi-ya

4. Awaji Okina

4. Awaji Okina
photo by inorock   /   embedded from Instagram

Let’s go to this restaurant if you want to try delicious “Soba” noodle in Awaji Island! This is “Awaji Okina” of the “Zaru-Soba” a specialist restaurant in Awaji Island. “Soba” is the specialty of the restaurant, so the taste of the buckwheat noodle is exceptional! The atmosphere in the restaurant is very calm and you can eat “Soba” as you relax.

Access to this restaurant is a bit secluded, so before you visit there, please check well how to get there. When you arrive at “Awaji Okina”, you can enjoy the simple “Zaru-Soba” and you will surely find out real taste of “Soba”. We definitely recommend here you will for sure like to visit again!

Recommended restaurant: Awaji Okina
Address: 1157 Oda Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-70-4201
Opening hours: 11: 00-15: 00

Map: Map to Awaji Okina

5. Izumo-an

5. Izumo-an
photo by   /   embedded from Instagram

Why not have delicious “Udon” noodles while listening to the sound of the sea’s waves? “Izumo-an” is a restaurant where you can eat delicious “Udon” in Awaji Island. About “Udon”, maybe a lot of people think of “Sanuki Udon” from KAGAWA prefecture in SHIKOKU, or of course “Osaka Udon” is famous too.

Since Awaji Island is located between KAGAWA and OSAKA, this “Udon” has both the good points of these areas, such a solid taste of “Sanuki Udon” and a flavorful texture of “Osaka Udon”! Please visit Awaji Island “Izumo-an”, when you are traveling. It’s delicious!

Recommended restaurant: Izumo-an
Address: 3522-1, Sizuki, Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-62-6002
Hours: 11: 00-15: 00 / 17: 00-20: 00

Map: Map to Izumo-an

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6. Alii-tei

6. Alii-tei
photo by yo.k4   /   embedded from Instagram

Which do you like, meat or seafood? Although there are many people who imagine a beautiful ocean and seafood for Awaji Island, actually there is a restaurant where you can eat delicious meat too! A restaurant that is famous for meat is “Alii-tei”.

You can have excellent meat specially raised on the Awaji Island, named “Awaji beef”. The appearance of restaurant is very elegant, it is different from usual “Yakiniku” restaurants. Here is popular with couples, friends and families. Please do come and take a look! You won’t be disappointed.

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Recommended restaurant: Alii-tei
Address: 72 Nakada, Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-62-6260

Map: Map to Alii-tei

7. Kaisen Shokudo, Uomasu

7. Kaisen Shokudo, Uomasu
photo by sora660   /   embedded from Instagram

Quietly located on Awaji Island, Kaisen Shokudo, “Uomasu”. How would you like to have a Japanese home style meal here? You can also have Awaji Island’s fisherman’s dishes too. Here is popular because you can enjoy lots of special local fresh seafood!

We especially recommend “Unagi don” and “Tako-ten don”. “Unagi don” has a very good grilled flavor and “Tako-ten don” is fried perfectly crispy. It wets our appetite. The fresh seafood of Awaji island is the best! Please do come here when you visit Awaji Island!

Recommended restaurant: Kaisen Shokudo, Uomasu
Address: 2-3-2 Honmachi, Sumoto city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-22-0559
Hours: 11: 30-13: 30

Map: Map to Kaisen Shokudo, Uomasu

8. Italia tei

8. Italia tei
photo by miffypeg   /   embedded from Instagram

Because Awaji Island is surrounded by a beautiful ocean, if you say gourmet food in Awaji Island, the image of seafood dishes springs to mind, but this time we will introduce a delicious Italian cuisine. “Italia tei” which was founded in 1979 and is the oldest Italian restaurant in Awaji Island and it is loved by local people.

“Italia tei” uses seasonal seafood and mountain ingredients, and the recommended menu is the pasta dishes. Using fresh seafood from Awaji Island it is very popular and delicious. When you go to Awaji Island, please come here! You surely will be satisfied!

Recommended restaurant: Italia tei
Address: 3-1-43 Sakae-machi, Sumoto city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-50-3462-0631
Hours: 11: 30-15: 00 / 17: 30-21: 00
Closed: Monday

Map: Map to Italia tei

9. Uomasu Sengyo ten

9. Uomasu Sengyo ten
photo by mika_rin.rin   /   embedded from Instagram

This restaurant is also popular for fresh seafood dishes from Awaji Island. Uomasu Sengyo ten is a reputable restaurant and attracts many locals as especially their grilled “Anago (=conger eel)” dish is excellent.

Because the “Anago” is grilled by a charcoal fire in the restaurant, a good smell drifts out of the restaurant, and people are drawn to the restaurant naturally by this smell. The restaurant has a very attractive, homey and friendly atmosphere, so here is always crowded with local people.

If you come to Awaji Island, you can’t return without eating “Anago”! Please do not miss here!

Recommended restaurant: Uomasu Sengyo ten
Address: 392-3 Toshima, Awaji city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-82-0609
Hours: 9: 00-18: 30

Map: Map to Uomasu Sengyo ten

10. Gin men

10. Gin men
photo by t_kazunari   /   embedded from Instagram

Why not try delicious “Ramen” noodles in Awaji Island? “Gin men” is a popular “Ramen” restaurant. “Gin men’s” characteristic is to use a rich soup and the special products of Awaji Island.

It is said that originally the owner loved “Ramen”, and “Gin men’s” style of “Ramen” was born because his favorite “Ramen” taste was Kyoto style “Tonkotsu” chicken broth soy sauce, he chose after sampling nationwide.

The delicious soup made by cooking the special ingredients of Awaji Island over a long time is tasty enough to make you drink the soup until the last drop. Please try eating exquisite “Ramen”, which can only be eaten in Awaji Island!

Recommended shop: Gin men
Address: 4-5-14, Hon-machi, Sumoto city, Hyogo
Phone number: +81-799-24-2008
Hours: 11: 30-15: 00 / 17: 30-20: 30

Map: Map to Gin men

Let’s enjoy delicious gourmet foods in Awaji Island!

What did you think? In Awaji Island far from Tokyo, there are many dishes that can not be eaten in Tokyo. In Japan, Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are popular tourist destinations, but because Awaji Island has a lot of charm please try to go! Please enjoy delicious gourmet restaurants and slow pace which you can not have elsewhere.

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