When It Comes to the Kanto Region – The Best 10 Gourmets In the Kantor Region!

The concept of this article is the best gourmets in the Kanto region. Including 7 prefectures in the region, I will introduce the best 10 gourmets. If you have a chance to visit, try those amazing food and find your favourite one!


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“Mitsu Dango” is one of the most popular gourmets in Oarai, Ibaraki. “Mitsu Dango” is a dampling made from flour covered by syrup and roasted soybean flour. It has actually been loved by the locals since the Taisho era, and it might make you feel nostalgic to try! As the price is quite affordable, it is very nice when you get hungry a bit.

“Takahashi” is the shop which offers this Mitsu Dango. The shop itself looks so traditional and offers a wide range of menus, so try this shop once you are in Oarai!

Name: Takahashi
Address: 884, Isohama Town, Oarai Town, Ibaraki Gun, Ibaraki
Phone: +81-29-267-3954
Time: 10:00-18:00
Close: Tuesdays / 1st Wednesday
Access: Walk 12 mins from Oarai Station

Website: http://www.oarai-info.jp/enjoy/takahashi.html
Map: map to Takahashi


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Enoshima in Kanagawa is one of the most popular beaches to bathe in the Kanto region. What you can try here is seafood. Of all, “Enoshima Bowl”, a seafood bowl with turban shell and whitebait has been an extremely popular menu. A smell of whitebait and a chewy texture of turban shell goes really well with the eggs on top.

“Harumi” is a restaurant located on the shopping street in Enoshima, and Enoshima Bowl is so popular. If you have a chance to visit Enoshima, try not only Enoshima Bowl, but also “Raw Whitebait Bowl”!

Name: Harumi
Address: 2-1-12, Enoshima, Fujisawa City, Kanagawa
Phone: +81-466-22-3629
Time: (Spring/Autumn) 10:00-18:00, (Winter) 10:00-17:00, (Summer) 10:00-19:00
Close: Fridays (n/a between July and August)
Access: Walk 10 mins from Katase Enoshima Station

Website: http://www.enoshima-harumi.com/
Map: map to Harumi

Utsunomiya Minmin

Utsunomiya Minmin
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Gyoza tastes nice as it is, or with beer! There are a lot of Gyoza lovers out there. And, Utsunomiya is one of the well-known cities for Gyoza, and surprisingly, it is said that an ordinary family eat Gyoza a few times a week!

One of the most popular Gyoza restaurants in Utsunomiya is “Gyoza Minmin”. From ordinary ones to deep fried ones, they offer a wide variety of menus. It tastes nice of course, and it is affordable too! It contains plenty of vegetables. Why not try it once you are in Utsunomiya?

Name: Utsunomiya Minmin
Address: 4-2-3, Baba Dori, Utsunomiya
Phone: +81-28-622-5789
Time: 11:30-20:00
Close: Tuesdays / Wednesdays (twice a month)
Access: Walk 10 mins from Tobu Utsunomiya Station

Website: http://www.minmin.co.jp/
Map: map to Utsunomiya Minmin

Komagata Dojou

Komagata Dojou
photo by sachi72244   /   embedded from Instagram

Tokyo used to be called “Edo” before it was renamed as “Tokyo” under the control of the Tokugawa family. “Yanagawa Nabe” is a bowl with rice covered by eggs, loach, and burdock, which was invented in the Edo era. If you want to try this dish, “Komagata Dojou” is the best!

This long established restaurant was launched in 1801, and in some rooms with tatami mats, hot plate is placed directly onto the mats. You will get excited to look at it! And how about the taste of the dish? – Yes, it is amazing with the broth. It is worth trying!

Name: Komagata Dojou
Address: 1-7-12, Komataga, Taitou Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3842-4001
Time: 11:00-21:00
Close: None (except for 1st January, 31st December)
Access: Walk 1-2 mins from Asakusa Station

Website: http://www.dozeu.com/
Map: map to Komagata Dojou


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“Namerou” is the local gourmet in the Bousou peninsula, and it is a dish that the freshest fish such as horse mackerel, saury, and sardine is patted by a knife with miso or some spices. It goes well with the alcoholic drinks!

This restaurant called “Kanaya” has the arranged menu of Namerou with 3 kinds of shellfish, snappers, and flounders. The restaurant itself is located along the beach with a beautiful view outside, and other facilities such as hot springs and souvenir shops are around, so you can enjoy for the whole day!

Name: Kanaya
Address: 525-17, Kanaya, Futtsu City, Chiba
Phone: +81-439-80-9181
Time: (Mon-Fri) 9:30-18:00, (Sat/Sun/Pub) 9:00-19:00
Close: None
Access: Drive 3 mins from Hamakanaya Station

Website: http://cgi3.hanto-kanaya.com/
Map: map to Kanaya

Chuji Chaya

Chuji Chaya
photo by kuribarayoko1206   /   embedded from Instagram

One of the soul gourmets in Gumma, “Yaki Manju”, has been loved by the locals for so long. Yaki Manju is a fried steamed dumpling with a crispy texture, so probably it looks so different from what you imagine.

“Chuji Chaya” is the local shop which offers a beautiful Chuji Chaya. Miso has a rich taste and amazing! For take away menus, you can heat it up for 1-2 minutes and then toast it until it gets slightly burnt. Now, eat it with miso which you can get with dumplings. If you have a chance to visit the northern area of Kanto, this is where you must try!

Name: Chuji Chaya
Address: 657, Kamihasu Town, Isesaki City, Gumma
Phone: +81-270-32-0124
Access: Drive 5 mins from Goushi Station

Website: http://www5.wind.ne.jp/fisherman/ch/
Map: map to Chuji Chaya

Jelly Fry

Jelly Fry
photo by kentakahashitheman   /   embedded from Instagram

“Jelly Fry” is actually not a fried jelly. This is the local gourmet in Gyoda city, Saitama – a fried tofu refuse with potatoes and onions. So, it is more like a croquette with no panko crumbles.

“Kanetsuki Do” in Gyoda is where you can try jelly fry. It looks as if it is an old town house, so you can feel Japan! With a chewy texture, jelly fry tastes amazing. Try this beautiful dish in Saitama!

Name: Kanetsuki Do
Address: 13-13, Honmaru, Gyoda City, Saitama
Phone: +81-48-556-7811
Time: 11:00-18:00
Close: Mondays
Access: Walk 2 mins from Oshi Castle

Map: map to Kanetsuki Do

Sushi Shou

Sushi Shou
photo by yumika514   /   embedded from Instagram

“Edomae Sushi” is a dish with fish sashimi on top of vinegar rice which is, just Sushi! It was originally the local gourmet in Edo. You can now try the beautiful Sushi all over Japan, but it was originated in Tokyo. If you want to enjoy the authentic gourmets in Tokyo, try Sushi first!

This “Sushi Shou”, located just 4 minutes away from Yotsuya Station on foot, is the popular Sushi shop. If you want to try real Sushi, Sushi Shou is the first place you must visit! As they only offer “Bara Chirashi” during lunch time, try dinner time if you want to have Sushi.

Name: Sushi Shou
Address: Yourindo Building Level 1, 1-11, Yotsuya, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3351-6387
Access: Walk 4 mins from Yotsuya Station

Map: map to Sushi Shou

Cafe Kura

Cafe Kura
photo by fumiaking_0303   /   embedded from Instagram

The local gourmet from Tsuchiura, Zeppelin Curry, was invented when a group of people with a German guy Zeppelin arrived at the airport in Kasumigaura in 1929 and make it for the locals using the local ingredients. Now you can try this dish at “Cafe Kura” in Nomura.

One of the biggest features of Zeppelin Curry is that it contains lotus roots. Ibaraki is actually the largest producer of lotus roots. As they offer an instant version, get one for souvenirs too! If you have a chance to visit Ibaraki, drop by this shop to buy one!

Name: Cafe Kura
Address: 1-12-5, Chuo, Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki
Phone: +81-29-822-0081
Time: 10:00-18:00
Access: Walk 12 mins from Tsuchiura Station

Website: http://www.tsuchiura-kankou.jp/machikado_kura/index.html
Map: map to Cafe Kura

Konjac Park

Konjac Park
photo by yuki.sahara   /   embedded from Instagram

Actually, Gumma is the largest producer of konjac. Among a number of popular shops for konjac, “Konjac Park” is one of the best! There is a wide variety of items from arranged dishes of konjac to jelly. It is a guilt free item that you can eat as much as you want but won’t put on weight that much!

Other than that, you can join in the tour of the factory and even experience a konjac making. Why not come to Gumma once you are in Tokyo? Amazing konjac is waiting for you to come!

Name: Konjac Park
Address: 204-1, Obata, Kanra Town, Kanra Gun, Gumma
Phone: +81-274-60-4100
Time: 9:00-18:00
Access: Drive 10 mins from Joshu Fukushima Station

Website: http://konnyaku-park.com/
Map: map to Konjac Park

Try The Local Gourmets In the Kanto Region!

How was it? I have introduced the best 10 local gourmets you must try in the Kanto region in this article. From the rare ones to the unexpected ones, there is a wide range of items which you would love! Just try them first to know what they have, and enjoy your trip to the Kanto region!

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