Must-Try Soba In Tokyo! The Best 10 Soba Restaurants In Tokyo!

Tokyo has a wide variety of food from all over the world. Although you have so many options in Tokyo when it comes the gourmet, Soba is one of the best food. Here, I will introduce the best 10 Soba restaurants in Tokyo where all the amazing gourmets gather. When you finish reading this, you will be wanting to visit them to try!

Gensoba Nonaka

Gensoba Nonaka
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Located in a quiet residential area, “Gensoba Nonaka” has been loved by the locals as well as the tourists. As the Soba here is ground with a stone mill, tissues of Soba do not break so easily. With this process, you can enjoy the real taste of Soba. How you eat it varies – it goes well with wasabi as well as the broth!

They offer “Inaka Soba” which is limited to 10 serves per day, so visit this restaurant at a opening time if you are keen! Because this restaurant is extremely popular, it becomes packed in lunch time. So, if you want to enjoy at your own pace, try to avoid a busy time. How about experiencing this amazing Soba at Gensoba Nonaka?

Name: Gensoba Nonaka
Address: 2-5-11, Nakamura, Nerima Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3577-6767
Time: 11:00-14:30 / 17:00-19:30
Close: Monday & 2nd/3rd Tuesday (11:00-14:30 for other Tuesdays)
Access: Walk 15 mins from Nakamurabashi Station

Map: map to Gensoba Nonaka

Sunaba Souhonke

Sunaba Souhonke
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In a shopping street, there is this Soba restaurant – “Sunaba Souhonke”. It was opened in 1912, and the building, which was built in 1954, is designated as a cultural property in Arakawa Ward. Because it is located in a shopping street, the restaurant itself has a relaxing and friendly atmosphere so that you can enjoy its Soba. The interior makes yourself feel at home.

Inside this long established restaurant with a relaxing atmosphere, there are the retro and old fashioned goods and that makes you have some fun while waiting for your food to come. How about trying the Soba in an old town house style restaurant?

Name: Sunaba Souhonke
Address: 1-27-6, Minami Senju, Arakawa Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3891-5408
Time: 10:30-20:00
Close: Thursday
Access: Walk 6 mins from Minowa Station

Map: map to Sunaba Souhonke


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Where you can taste a real Soba made from the locally grown ingredients, is “Takahashi”. It has a great reputation on the website as they serve a chewy Soba. Although the broth is quite rich and has a strong taste of soy sauce, it does keep a taste of Soba itself, which means – it has a good balance!

Other than Soba noodles, other menus including drinks and finger food so that you can just wait for your food while enjoying your drink. If you want to try this Soba in a calm atmosphere, Takahashi is a must-try place!

Name: Takahashi
Address: 2-30-7, Ogikubo, Suginami Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-5397-0118
Time: 11:30-14:00 / 17:30-20:00
Close: Tuesday & Wednesday
Access: Walk 11 mins from Ogikubo Station

Map: map to Takahashi

Kentoku Sobaya Piata

Kentoku Sobaya Piata
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Located just 1 minute away from Tamachi Station, there is a popular Soba restaurant called “Kentoku Sobaya Piata” in a shopping complex with other shops. One of the attractions here is the price – if you visit this place in lunch time, they offer a wide variety of set menus with an affordable price so that it makes it a great place to bring your friends or family.

Not only that, it becomes a little restaurant for small functions as they offer some finger food too. Being a suitable place for any occasions day and night, how about enjoying your time with your friends and family here?

Name: Kentoku Sobaya Piata
Address: 5-33-1, Shiba, MInato Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3451-3745
Time: (Mon-Fri) 11:00-23:15, (Sat) 11:00-21:30, (Sun/Pub) 11:30-20:30
Close: None
Access: Walk 1 min from Tamachi Station

Map: map to Kentoku Sobaya Piata

Namasoba Asanoya

Namasoba Asanoya
photo by ikebu_kuro   /   embedded from Instagram

The owner of “Namasoba Asanoya” took over the restaurant from his uncle, who opened the first restaurant in Ginza at the beginning of Meiji era, and now runs 3 restaurants in Tokyo. He is particular about the ingredients as well as Soba. Its Soba, imported directly from Hokkaido, is ground by a stone mill to make Nihachi Soba.

Also, they offer an affordable lunch set menu which comes with a bowl and Soba for less than 1,000 yen. More surprisingly, they have a wide variety of sake too. At night is a best timing to visit as well as in a lunch time. How about a natural taste of Soba which has a long history?

Name: Namasoba Asanoya
Address: FLC Building B1F, 1-22-2, Minami Ikebukuro, Toshima Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-50-5869-4899
Time: 11:30-23:00
Close: None
Access: Walk 1 min from Ikebukuro Station

Map: map to Namasoba Asanoya

Kabuki Soba

Kabuki Soba
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With an affordable price, “Kabuki Soba”, located near Ginza Kabukiza, offers a traditional taste of Soba. One of the most popular menus is “Morikakiage” which has 5 pieces of mixed vegetables of tempura on top of Soba. This has actually been introduced on some media too!

Also, as it is located just behind Kabukiza, it is easy to visit this restaurant after the show. Although it is in Ginza, the price would be around 500 yen. No wonder it gets so busy during the lunch time! However, customers do not stay here so long, and you do not have to wait!

Name: Kabuki Soba
Address: 4-12-2, Ginza, Chuo Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3543-4510
Time: 11:00-18:30
Close: Sat & Sun & Public Holiday
Access: Walk 2 mins from Higashi Ginza Station

Map: map to Kabuki Soba

Teuchi Soba Shiomi

Teuchi Soba Shiomi
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At “Teuchi Soba Shiomi”, you can taste the house Soba ground by a stone mill inside the restaurant. You can actually try the authentic Japanese cuisine cooked with the seasonal ingredients at night as well as Soba.

During lunch time, there are 3 types of Gozen (set meals) which comes with steamed rice, so that you can enjoy some vegetables too. And at night, Soba with the seasonal ingredients is to be enjoyed in a course menu. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, try this place out and have fun in a luxury atmosphere!

Name: Teuchi Soba Shiomi
Address: 556, Tsurumaki Town, Waseda, Shinjuku Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-50-5589-4562
Time: 11:30-14:30 / 18:00-20:30
Close: Wednesday & 3rd Tuesday
Access: Walk 8 mins from Waseda Station

Map: map to Teuchi Soba Shiomi

Soba Dokoro Hosaka

Soba Dokoro Hosaka
photo by kyujitsu_kacho   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to try the authentic Soba in a traditional style building – “Soba Dokoro Hosaka” is the one! They offer a wide variety of menus including Morisoba and you can choose 2 or 3 colours. Especially “Goshoku (5-colour) Soba” is extremely popular!

What do they colour noodles with? The noodles are coloured with some ingredients such as cherry blossoms and citrons. If you are keen on something different, try this Soba!

Name: Soba Dokoro Hosaka
Address: Inokashira Building B1F, 1-4-1, Kichijoji Minami Town, Musashino City, Tokyo
Phone: +81-422-48-2118
Time: (Mon-Sat) 11:00-20:45 (Sun/Pub) 11:00-20:30
Close: Mon (the following day if it meets a Public Holiday)
Access: Walk 1 min from Kichijoji Station

Map: map to Soba Dokoro Hosaka


photo by wako.yu   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to try the authentic soba with an affordable price, look at “Sobakko”. How you order here is quite unusual for Soba restaurants – buy a ticket for what you want to order. You can get a stand-up meal here, and it opens in the early morning so that you can enjoy its Soba before going to work or a business trip.

You often do not have to wait for getting in as this restaurant is mainly for stand-up meals which make it easy for you to use to kill your time. If you are planning to visit Tokyo, try this place out!

Name: Sobakko
Address: 6-5-3, Kanamachi, Katsushika Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3607-2254
Time: (Mon-Sat) 6:00-22:00 (Sun/Pub) 6:00-21:00
Close: None
Access: Short walk from Kanamachi Station via Keisei Line

Map: map to Sobakko

Soba Masa

Soba Masa
photo by vertex_international   /   embedded from Instagram

“Soba Masa” offers an unusual Soba with thinner noodles. It looks as if it is Somen noodles, and has a good feeling of Soba going down your throat. Because of an affordable price, you will soon want to order a set meal. Soba itself just costs less than 500 yen. Even if you make it a set meal, it is still less than 1,000 yen!

Also, no matter what gender you have, you will be satisfied with this large portion of Soba! The restaurant opens in the early morning and as it only has the counter seats, you do not need to care if you are alone or not. Many people use this restaurant before going to work. How about visiting Soba Masa to try a large portion of thinner noodles?

Name: Soba Masa
Address: 4-14-2, Minami Hanahata, Adachi Ku, Tokyo
Phone: +81-3-3884-7552
Time: 7:30-12:00
Close: Fri & Sat & Sun
Access: Walk 25 mins from Rokucho Station via Tsukuba Express

Map: map to Soba Masa

Let’s Enjoy The Authentic Soba In Tokyo!

Today, I have introduced the best 10 Soba restaurants you must try in Tokyo. It is quite enjoyable to try Soba noodles in a relaxing atmosphere, however, for some tourists, getting a stand-up meal gives you such an unique experience. If you have a chance to visit Tokyo, try some of those restaurants!

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