The 10 Best Breakfasts Restaurants You Must Eat in Fukuoka, Japan

Another word to present ‘Fukuoka’ is ‘Gourmet’. There are many attractive sightseeing and nature spots, but when it comes to ‘breakfast in Fukuoka’ these 10 selected spots are the worth visiting.

1. Bistro&Café TIME

1. Bistro&Café TIME
photo by aripple0726   /   embedded from Instagram

‘Close to the sea’, ‘Trailer,’ ‘Wooden deck’, ‘relaxation’,,,if those are the key words for you when you chose breakfast place in Fukuoka, then “Bistro&Café TIME’ it the one. The beautiful sea of ITOSHIMA is all yours.

Menu examples: Toast/Egg Benedict plus Soup and Drink from 900 Yen~

All of the bread are specially made by “Hippo Seipan” brand, which is very popular with ‘Hard bread’ and ‘Salt bread’. Toasted Ham and Cheese sandwiches, which is called “Croque-monsieur” is the one you MUST try!

Name: Bistro&Café TIME
Address: 4423-7, Sakurai Aza Ookuchi, Shima, Itoshima city, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: +81-92-332-8607
Closed: Thursday

Map: Map to Bistro&Café TIME

2. Okome café musubime

2. Okome café musubime
photo by mocomekko   /   embedded from Instagram

If you like ‘Japanese typical breakfast set’, please try “Okome café musubime”.

The making of rice is famous in Fukuoka area. It’s worth trying delicious ‘Rice Balls’ which is made with rice from Fukuoka. There are variety of flavours of ‘Rice Balls’, such as the simplest ‘Shio Musubi (Salted rice ball)’ from 160 yen~、’Tuna mayo’, Shiso Wakame (Shiso flavoured and Seaweed), ‘Zakkoku (Cereal rice)’ etc. from 160 yen ~.

If you want to try Hakata unique flavours, it’s worth trying ‘Takana (Chinese mustard), ‘Hakata Zidori (Hakata native chicken’, ‘Mentaiko (Seasoned cod roe) etc. from 160 yen ~. Why don’t you try ‘Tamago kake gohan no Asa set (rice with a mixed raw egg poured on), Miso soup, and pickles’ from 360 yen ~. There are a lot of nutritious side dishes as well.

Does this sound like the one you are looking for? Let’s go to “Okome café musubime”.

Name: Okome café musubime
Address: 4-3-30, Tenjin Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan
Tel: +81-92-714-3910
Regular holiday: It is no fixed holiday on a regular holiday

Map: Map to Okome café musubime

3. bills

3. bills
photo by goldtop91   /   embedded from Instagram

You must have heard about the “bills”, well-known casual dining restaurant around the world. Five “bills” in total, including the ones in Tokyo. Now it is landed in west Japan; Fukuoka for the first time!

There is a newly established area which is called “Ships garden” in Fukuoka, and the ‘bills’ is just there waiting for you. ‘The world best breakfast’, which is why all of the celebrities praise it highly.

There is no wonder why you see many Hollywood stars there, enjoying the ‘bills’ dish! The “Organic scrambled eggs” and the “Ricotta pancake” must be the ones to try! They never disappoint you!

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Name: bills
Address: Ships Garden First floor, Minakami park, 13-1, Nishinakasu, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka Prefecture
Tel: +81-92-733-2555
Business hour: 8:30am-24:00
Regular holiday: None

Map: Map to bills

4. Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten

4. Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten
photo by tsutomuakabane   /   embedded from Instagram

There is no wonder about the freshness, the large portion of food, and the reasonable price at “Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten”, because this dining is right beside the “Fukuoka Fresh fish market”. The variety of fish is landed in the Sea of Genkai, Ngasaki and Saga area.

The Menu varies depending on what kind of fish is landed on that day early in the morning. You can imagine the variety of the menu, such as ‘Kaisen-don (Seafood bowl)’, ‘Nizakana (boiled fish)’, ‘Yakizakana (grilled fish)’, ‘Sashimi (sliced raw fish) set menu’ etc. “Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten” was chosen as a gold medal in a bowl section in 2014. Why don’t you order some dish and share with your family or friends!!

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Name: Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten
Address: Ichiba kaikan First floor, 3-11-3, Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture
Tel: +81-92-711-6339
Business hour: 7:00 -14:00 / 17:00 – 21:00

Map: Map to Hakata uogashi ichiba kaikan ten

5. Kurashiki Coffee Shop

5. Kurashiki Coffee Shop
photo by asu.bon   /   embedded from Instagram

If you are interested in ‘Siphon coffee’, please try ‘Kurashiki’ coffee shop. With the beans that barista selected carefully he/she pours by one cup each time after being ordered. There are two types of ‘morning set’ are available; “Kurashhiki moring set” and “Sandwich morning”. “Kurashiki set” comes with slices of thick cut toast, boiled egg, salad and your choice of ‘Siphon coffee’.

“Sandwich set” comes with sandwich (you can choose a favourite one from four kinds), salad, and your choice of ‘Siphon coffee’. There are three branches of “Kurashiki” coffee shops in Fukuoka, and all located in the shopping malls. Please be aware of the business hours. All varies depending on the branches. AEON mall Fukuoka branch opens at 9 am. Marinoa city Fukuoka branch opens at 10am.

Name: Kurashiki Coffee Shop Yume town Kurume branch
Address: 1-2-1. Shinaikawa, Kurume, Fukuoka
Tel: +81-942-43-6309
Business hour: 9:30 – 22:00
Regular holiday: None

Map: Map to Kurashiki Coffee Shop Yume town Kurume branch

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photo by luna028   /   embedded from Instagram

“RAGGRUPPI” is very popular in Fukuoka. There are three branches; “Otemon” one which is famous for the varieties of bread (more than 80 different kinds), “Onojo” branch has a unique system of ‘All you can eat homemade bread’, and lastly “RAGGRUPI AIR” at Fukuoka airport.

How convenient for the travellers to eat in or take away at the “RAGGRUPPI AIR”, which is specialized in ‘sandwiches’ (more than 40 different kinds are available). ‘Fish burger’, ‘Cutlet burger’, ‘fruit of the season’ burger, ‘vegetable of the season’ burger…etc. It’s hard to choose!!!

Address: First floor, Domestic Dai 2 terminal, 767-1, Shimousui, Oaza, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city
Tel: +81-92-629-7160
Business hour: 6:30 – 22:00
Regular holiday: None


7. Machiya café Kamakura

7. Machiya café Kamakura
photo by mami_ktrsr   /   embedded from Instagram

Why don’t you have a relaxing breakfast at Japanese typical old fashioned private house? It is unified in the taste of “Wa” (can be translated into “peace”, “total”, “Harmony” etc). “Machiya café Kamakura” is also well-known of ‘Warabimochi (bracken rice cake)’. Not only famous “Warabimochi”, but also more than sixty different kinds of Japanese typical sweets you can try here.

On top of the famous “Wa” taste sweets, you can also try “Wa breakfast set” which comes with rice, miso soup, and grilled fish, or if you prefer “Western style morning breakfast set”, it comes with toast, salad, and drink. ‘Morning sets’ are available until 11am, which is very convenient.

“Machiya café Kamakura” is very particular about ingredients, and they are mainly selected in Kyusyu area. It’s worth visiting this unique “Wa” place in Fukuoka.

Name: Machiya café Kamakura
Address: 1-13-5, Fukushige, Nishi-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture
Tel: +81-92-883-5667
Business hour: 9:00 – 22:00
Regular holiday: None

Map: Map to Machiya café Kamakura

8. Hakata station Uchino Tamago Chokubaijo

8. Hakata station Uchino Tamago Chokubaijo
photo by yuuichi.s   /   embedded from Instagram

This shop is located in the shopping mal,l which is called “Ming” in JR Hakata station. You can eat “Uchino tamagono asa gohan (egg breakfast at my house)”, which comes with ‘tamagokake gohan (rice with a mixed raw egg poured on), miso soup, and pickles. This set can be served instantly when you order and only costs 400 yen.

Please be aware this set is only available from 8am till 11am at eat-in area. The free range eggs taste so natural by itself, but if you want to experience another surprise, why don’t you try to eat it with a served special ‘soy sauce’?

Name: Hakata station Uchino Tamago Chokubaijo
Address: ‘Ming’ Hakata station, 1-1, Chu-o-gai, Hakata station, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture
Tel: +81-92-432-3562
Business hour: 9:00 – 21:00
Regular holiday: None

Map: Map to Hakata station Uchino Tamago Chokubaijo

9. Shirogane Sabo

9. Shirogane Sabo
photo by so_hit   /   embedded from Instagram

The ‘Pancake’ is made from 100% Fukuoka brand wheat flour, which is pulled a stone mill carefully. No wonder why it tastes so natural. You will be surprised to see how fluffy and perfect round shape the pancake is. It is an ‘Art’!

The original blend coffee works perfectly with the artistic ‘Pancake’. “Shirogane sabo” is very particular about all of the ingredients they use for the dish, such as coffee beans, water, and vegetables for salad (Agrochemical-free organic soil culture in Saga prefecture).

“Shirogane sabo” opens at 8 am on the weekend and public holidays. You will enjoy the beautiful nature view from wide windows in a relaxed atmosphere.

Name: Shirogane Sabo
Address: 1-11-7, Shirogane, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture
Tel: +81-92-534-2200
Business hour: 10:00 – 21:00
Regular holiday: None

Map: 「白金茶房」への地図

10. Ganso Nagahamaya

10. Ganso Nagahamaya
photo by keiki1208   /   embedded from Instagram

Fukuoka’ is famous for “Ramen”, especially “Nagahama Ramen” is a very popular brand. Why don’t you eat “Nagahama Ramen” for your breakfast? “Ganso Nagahanmaya” is the one why it is called “Ganso (Originator), because of those three reasons;

Firstly the menu is only “Ramen” and “Alcohol drinks”. Secondly you need to buy the food tickets from the vending machine and give it to the Ramen chefs.

Lastly and most importantly when you give the ticket to the chefs you need to tell him specifically what kind of ‘Ramen’ you want, by mentioning what kind of noodle you prefer (length of time the noodle is boiled), whether you want chefs to add special ‘oil’ for your ‘Ramen’, and how much of the toppings (spring onion) you want.

Let’s practise how to order noodle as you want, shall we? You need to MEMORIZE this chart!!

“Nama” – “Raw noodle”
“Kata” – a little bit harder than “Al dente”
“Futsuu”– normal boiled time
“Yawa” – a bit softer (longer boiled time)

“Beta” – quite a lot
“Futsuu” – normal amount
“Nashi” – no oil

Topping ‘spring onion’
“Negi (spring onion) oome- a bit more than normal amount
“Negi mori” – quite a lot

Here is the check test before ordering it at “Ganso nagahamaya”. What kind of noodle a customer want if he/she says, “Beta Kata Negi mori”?

There is “Beni shouga (red pickled ginger) and sesame available for your own toppings. If you are quite hungry why don’t you try “Kaedama”( you can get the noodle only in your left over bowl) or “Kaeniku” (you can get the meat only in your left over bowl)? It costs 100 yen only each!!What a bonus! Let’s create YOUR OWN RAMEN!

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Name: Ganso Nagahamaya
Address: “Trust Park Nagahama”, 2-5-38, Nagahama, Chuo-ku, Fukuoka, Fukuoka prefecture
Tel: +81-92-711-8154
Business hour: 6:00 – around 16:00
Regular holiday: New Year

Map: Map to Ganso Nagahamaya

Let’s Eat Delicious Breakfasts in Fukuoka!

Whether you want traditional Japanese breakfast with local ingredients, or western style morning coffee set, whichever dining places you chose, it is guaranteed that hint of “Fukuoka original flavour” is hiding somewhere in your dish. Let’s go hunting for your “OWN TRESTURE” : “BREAKFAT at FUKUOKA”.

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