The 10 Best Places to Eat in Furano, Hokkaido

Furano is said to be the most popular for sightseeing in Hokkaido. The beautiful hills, the lavender fields, and the blue lake are places we would all like to visit at least once. Furano is also famous for its food. There are famous French restaurants, restaurants which serve only food from Furano, the famous ‘omucurry’, and various genres of food. We would like to introduce you to the best places to eat in Furano in this article.

1. Yuigadokuson

1. Yuigadokuson
photo by tatu0130   /   embedded from Instagram

Yuigadokuson is close to JR Furano station, and the restaurant makes you feel as though you are in a forest. The curries which are cooked with various vegetables and more than 30 kinds of spices served here are very popular, and it is always packed with people.

The most popular dish is the ‘Omucurry’ (curry with an omelet style egg) and it is topped with a sausage which is smoked with wood chips from a mountain cherry blossom tree.

The beer which is also made in Furano is also wonderful and you must not forget to say the ‘secret word’ if you want seconds.

Name: Yuigadokuson
Address: 11-8 Hinodemachi, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-23-4784
Hours: 11:00-21:00
Holidays: Not certain
Access: 5 minute walk from Furano Station

Map: Map to Yuigadokuson

2. Hitsuji-no-oka

2. Hitsuji-no-oka
photo by mu_tu_   /   embedded from Instagram

Hokkaido is famous for jingisukan (Mongolian Mutton barbecue). Here at the Hitsuji-no-oka there are tables outside where you can sit and enjoy the great view of Furano while eating. We really recommend you to try the ‘Suffolk Mongolian Mutton Barbecue’ as it is not served very often in Hokkaido.

The mutton is very juicy and doesn’t have the distinct smell. We would also like you to try the ‘soft cream’ (ice cream). If you would like to eat Mongolian Mutton barbecue with your family, this is the place!

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Name: Hitsuji-no-oka
Address: Beberui, Nakafurano, Nakafuranocho, Karachigun, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-44-3977
Hours: 11:00~17:00
Holidays: Open during 4/29~10/9
Access: 15 minutes from RokugonoMori

Map: Map to Hitsuji-no-oka

3. Mansaku

3. Mansaku
photo by miiiiido115   /   embedded from Instagram

Mansaku is a soba restaurant where the owner trained in a famous soba restaurant in Sapporo and opened his own restaurant in his hometown. The soba served is made from home-made powder of Hokkaido’s round-drawn soba delivered from a miller trusted by the shopkeeper.

The vegetables are all grown in the area too and the soba soup is a little strong so you can enjoy the ‘dashi’ (broth). We recommend you visiting by yourself, with family and on dates!

Name: Mansaku
Address: 2, Nishimachi, Kamifuranocho, Karachigun, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-45-6523
Hours: 11:00-16:00
Holidays: Wednesday
Access: 5 minutes by car from Kamifuranocho Station

Map: Map to Mansaku

4. Furano Pizza Kobo

4. Furano Pizza Kobo
photo by sacho_   /   embedded from Instagram

The Pizzakobo is a pizza restaurant next to the famous Furano cheese kobo. Its location is next to the famous Furano Cheese Kobo and the pizza served here is made by a chef who used to work in a pizzeria in Napoli.

The pizza oven was made and brought to Furano from Napoli and the flour, tomatoes, onions used are all produced in Hokkaido, too.

The cheese is cheese from Furano Cheese Kobo and the margherita pizza is the most popular pizza on the menu. The pizza dough is soft in the inside and crispy on the outside and the mozzarella cheese is absolutely fabulous. They also sell the cheese used at the restaurant for visitors who would like to enjoy it at home, too.

Name: Furano Cheese Kobo, Pizza Kobo
Address: Furano Cheese Kobo, Nakagoku, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Phone: +81-167-23-1156
Holidays: New Year’s Holiday
Access: 3km from Furano Station

Map: Map to Furano Cheese Kobo, Pizza Kobo

5. Furano Tomikawa

5. Furano Tomikawa
photo by kzuk21   /   embedded from Instagram

Furano Tomikawa is known for using ingredients from the area, home cooked noodles, and not using MSG. The soup is made from fish and chicken broth and the ‘Ishiuchi Chukasoba’ (noodles made from whole wheat flour) look just like soba and are especially popular.

You can also enjoy soy sauce, miso, and salt flavored ramen here and enjoy the different kinds of ramen they offer.

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Name: Furano Tomikawa
Address: 5, Rokugoushigaichi, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Holidays:Wednesdays (open in July and August)
Access:20 minutes from Furano Station

Map: Map to Furano Tomikawa

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6. Kumagera

6. Kumagera
photo by hiroyzf   /   embedded from Instagram

If you would like to enjoy various kinds of Furano dishes, here is the place to go to. The omucrry uses whey from when cheese is made and the delicious roast beef bowl, and many other kinds of dishes can be ordered here.

They also serve cheese tofu and ‘ezojika’ (Hokkaido deer), chicken and duck hot pot. They can also be used as an ‘izakaya’ style place to eat. They serve Japanese sake and it is also suitable for families to enjoy dinner!

Name: Kumagera
Address: 3-22, Hinodecho, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-39-2288
Access: 5 minute walk from Furano Station

Map: Map to Kumagera

7. Farm Restaurant Chiyoda

7. Farm Restaurant Chiyoda
photo by ice0821y   /   embedded from Instagram

Farm Restaurant Chiyoda is a restaurant owned by the Chiyoda Farm and the ‘Biei beef’ (the cows are fed grains mixed with sake cake) is served here.

They serve beef stew and also steak and they are also famous for their homemade bread and butter. The farm is full of animals such as ponies, horses, sheep, and cows and children love visiting and eating at the farm.

Name: Farm Restaurant Chiyoda
Address: 1-4221, Kasugadai, Bieicho, Kamikawagun, Hokkdaido
Telephone: 0166-92-1718
Hours: 11:00~20:00
Holidays: None
Access: 12 minutes by car from Biei Station

Map: Map to Farm Restaurant Chiyoda

8. Yakiniku Hide

8. Yakiniku Hide
photo by simamon9   /   embedded from Instagram

Furano is famous for its ‘pork’ Korean barbeque. Pork ‘sagari’ (diaphragm) is eaten often in Furano and only about 300g of ‘sagari’ can be taken from one pig.

At Hide, they use the ‘brand pork’ ‘Kamifula Pork’ which is very juicy when roasted. They also serve various kinds of meet such as pork innards, beef, and chicken so it is recommendable to everyone!

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Name: Yakiniku Hide
Address: 1-1-13, Nishikicho, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-45-5006
Hours: 17:00~22:30
Access: 6 minute walk from Kamifurano Station

Map: Map to Yakiniku Hide

9. Furano Delice

9. Furano Delice
photo by meioni   /   embedded from Instagram

“Furano Delice” is known for using ingredients made in Hokkaido. The “double fromage” is a baked cheesecake with cheese mousse on the top.

Many people enjoy this cake as you can enjoy two kinds of textures and flavors. There are milk puddings with three layers and baked items too. You can enjoy your coffee with the delicious sweets on the terrace!

Name: Furano Delice
Address: 2156-1, Goryo, Furanoshi, Hokkaido
Holidays:Mondays and Tuesdays
Access:5 minutes from Furano Station

Map: Map to Furano Delice

10. Tomita Melon House

10. Tomita Melon House
photo by yumi.nagoyan   /   embedded from Instagram

Tomita Melon House is surrounded by Hokkaido’s beautiful nature and once you step into the store you will be fascinated with their glass cases filled with melons. They serve melon ice cream, ‘melonpan’ (melon flavored bread), melon juice, and lots of sweet melon desserts.

The most popular menu is ‘cut melon’ which is fresh melon cut in pieces. There are terrace seats too which are perfect for enjoying the beautiful Hokkaido view.

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Name: Tomita Melon House
Address: 3-32, Miyamachi, Furanocho, Karachigun, Hokkaido
Telephone: +81-167-39-3333
Hours: 9:00-17:00
Holidays: Only open in June to October
Access: 20 minute walk from Nakafurano Station

Map: Map to Tomita Melon House

Let’s enjoy the wonderful food in Furano!

Furano is famous for its’ ‘local production for local consumption’ and you can not only enjoy the beautiful views in the area but the food is wonderful, too. We would like to recommend you to make reservations to the places we mentioned above as they are all very popular! If you ever get a chance to visit Furano, please enjoy the great nature and food!

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