Top 10 Tourist Attractions & Best Things to Do in Sendai, Miyagi

Tohoku area is located north of Tokyo. In this area, there are lots of sightseeing spots or food places that north country has. Sendai, Miyagi is located west of Tohoku area and famous for beef tongue. Today, we would like to introduce sightseeing spots in Sendai, top 10. Please enjoy!

1. Osaki hachimangu

1. Osaki hachimangu

“Osaki hachimangu” is a famous sightseeing spot in Sendai. It is a shrine that is located at 15 minutes from Kunimi station by foot. It is selected for national treasure. You can see the building that shows history and can enjoy the nature around the shrine.

If you go through a big gate and walk the side walk that is made by stone, you will see the beautiful main shrine. At this shrine, they have lots of events through a year, so if you visit, you should check what event they have at that time. How about visiting them?

Name: Osaki hachimangu
Address: 4-6-1 Hachiman, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-234-3606
Access: 15 minutes from Kunimi station by foot

Map: Map to Osaki hachimangu

2. Sendaishi Yagiyama zoo

2. Sendaishi Yagiyama zoo
photo by ahiruchan.42   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to meet cute animals in Sendai, we suggest you to go this place. “ Sendaishi Yagiyama zoo” is a zoo that is in Sendai city. You can see animals like giraffe, rhino, gorilla.

They have activity that you can feed rabbit, hippo and African elephant. It is popular activity for especially small kids. Also you can touch marmot. If you want to see animals in Sendai, please visit!

Name: Sendaishi Yagiyama zoo
Address: 1-43 Yagiyamahoncho, Taihaku, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-229-0122
Access: 20 minutes from Sendai minami IC by car

Map: Map to Sendaishi Yagiyama zoo

3. Kokuei Michinoku morinokohan park

3. Kokuei Michinoku morinokohan park
photo by nitoooooou   /   embedded from Instagram

Kokuei Michinoku morinokohan park is popular as you can learn culture of Tohoku and nature. They have space that you can see seasonal flowers and big lake inside the park.

Also they have where you can learn and experience life of old days of Tohoku. They sometimes hold events. Please visit!

Name: Kokuei Michinoku morinokohan park
Address: 53-9 Nihonmatsu, Ono, Kawasaki, Shibata, Miyagi
Phone: +81-224-84-5991

Map: Map to Kokuei Michinoku morinokohan park

4. Nanakita park

4. Nanakita park
photo by jagotaro   /   embedded from Instagram

“Nanakita park” is located at 5 minutes from Sendai-no-izumichuo station by foot where has lots of nature. They have about 3000 trees in this park.

Their famous spot is water fountain. The water fountain is located at center of the park and it matches the view around the water fountain. If you want to go where you can see nature in Sendai, please visit!

Name: Nanakita park
Address: 78 Yanagi, Nanakita, Izumi, Sendai, Miyagi
Access: 5 minutes from Izumichuo station by foot

Map: Map to Nanakita park

5. Akiho otaki

5. Akiho otaki

“Akiho otaki” is where you can see beautiful waterfall. The side walk that goes to the waterfall is along the river, so you can walk enjoying watching the river.

“Akiho otaki” is 6m wide and 55m high. There are lots of nature around the waterfall too. If you go to Sendai, please visit!

Name: Akiho otaki
Address: Otaki, Baba, Akihocho, Taihaku, Sendai, Miyagi
Access: 15 minutes from Rikuzen shirosawa station by car

Map: Map to Akiho otaki

6. Sasakama-kan

6. Sasakama-kan
photo by sikita0   /   embedded from Instagram

Do you know “Sasakama” which is famous food from Sendai? You can learn about Sasakama, make it and eat at Sasakama-kan. There are stores that sell sasakama, so you can eat good sasakama.

Also you can experience making sasakama which is popular to kids. This event is reserved only, so don’t forget to call them before you go. Please enjoy sasakama at sasakama-kan!

Name: Sasakama-kan
Address: 6-65 Tsurushiro, Wakabayashi, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-238-7170
Time: 10:00~ 18:00
Access: 20 minutes from Sendai station by car

Map: Map to Sasakama-kan

7. Sendai mangekyo museum

7. Sendai mangekyo museum
photo by soupan   /   embedded from Instagram

If you look through a tube, you can see beautiful design. That is what kaleidoscope is. They put paper and mirror inside the tube, you can enjoy the design when you turn it around.

“Sendai mangekyo museum” is where you can enjoy kaleidoscope. It is one of the art. Please enjoy!

Name: Sendai mangekyo museum
Address: 1-2 Matsuba, Moniwa, Taihaku, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-304-8080
Time: 9:30~ 17:00
Access: 50 minutes from Sendai station by bus

Map: Map to Sendai mangekyo museum

8. Sendai asaichi

8. Sendai asaichi
photo by javaraxx   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sendai asaichi” is a market where is located at Sendai station. It is called kitchen of Sendai, and it is always crowded with local people who want to get fresh and good food.

It is called asaichi which means morning market but most of the stores open from afternoon to evening. There are fish market and vegetable market too. Please visit!

Name: Sendai asaichi
Address: 4-3-28 Chuo, Aoba, Sendai, Miyagi
Access: Sendai station

Map: Map to Sendai asaichi

9. Sendai uminomori aquarium

9. Sendai uminomori aquarium
photo by uminomori_official   /   embedded from Instagram

“Sendai uminomori aquarium” is an aquarium in Sendai. It is located at 15 minutes from Nakanosakae station by foot and you can meet many kinds of sea animals at this place. There are separated to some areas. You can see sea animals from Asia, Oceania, Europe, Africa, and America at world sea area.

You can meet sea animals that live in Japanese sea at Tohoku-no-umi area. You can enjoy dolphin show at Uminomori stadium. You won’t get tired even if you spend all day at this place. It is a good sightseeing spot!

Name: Sendai uminomori aquarium
Address: 4-6 Nakano, Miyagino, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-355-2222
Access: 15 minutes from Nakano sake station by foot

Map: Map to Sendai uminomori aquarium

10. Yagiyama Benyland

10. Yagiyama Benyland
photo by sakura4465   /   embedded from Instagram

If you want to be active during the trip, we suggest you to go this place. “Yagiyama Benyland” is said one of the three biggest amusement park in Tohoku. They have about 30 rides. They have like roller coaster and merry go round.

They have tea cup ride too, so they have almost everything that basic amusement park has. This is a place where both adults and kids can enjoy. If you come to Sendai for sightseeing, please visit Yagiyama Benyland!

Name: Yagiyama Benyland
Address: 19-1 Nagamachikoeji, Taihaku, Sendai, Miyagi
Phone: +81-22-229-1603
Access: 5 minutes from Yagiyamadobutsuen station by foot

Map: Map to Yagiyama Benyland

Let’s go to sightseeing spots in Sendai!

Today, we introduced where we would like you to go in Sendai, Top 10. Have you found the one you want to visit? Sendai is a big city in Tohoku, so there are lots of restaurants near the station. If you go to Sendai, please enjoy their food too! Let’s enjoy Sendai!

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