The 10 Best Udon Restaurants You Must Eat in Kyoto

You can feel “Japan” just being in Kyoto. Not only Japanese but lots of people from overseas visit Kyoto every year. What do you eat if you go to Kyoto? Traditional Kyoto food? Green tea food? Today, we would like to introduce 10 good udon places in Kyoto. Please enjoy taste of Kyoto!

1. Niomon Uneno

1. Niomon Uneno
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“Niomon Uneno” is located 4 minutes from Sanjyo Keihan station by foot. At this restaurant, you can eat something unusual. Like Oyako udon taste like oyakodon, or Noritama udon. Of course they have regular menu too.

If you try food in Kyoto, you should go this place. Please try new flavor!

Name: Niomon Uneno
Address: Shinmaruta 41, Sakyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-751-1188
Time: 11:30~15:00/ 16:30~19:00
Access: 4 minute from Sanjyo Keihan station by foot

Map: Map to Niomon Uneno

2. Okaru

2. Okaru
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Did you know people in Kyoto are picky with curry udon? “Okaru” has lots of menu for curry udon. Most popular one is “cheese meat curry udon”.

If you want to try good soup, try “ankake udon”. If you want to get full, you can size up noodle of udon. It doesn’t say on menu so you have to tell them.

Name: Teuchiudon Okaru
Address: 132 Tominaga, Yasakashinchi, Higashiyama, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-541-1001
Access: 3 minutes from Gion Shijyo station by foot

Map: Map to Teuchiudon Okaru

3. Tawaraya

3. Tawaraya
photo by itsuma1989   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tawaraya” is located at 1 minute from Kitano tenmangu by foot. Most popular menu is “Tawaraya udon”. You may not know but it is famous for ippon udon that is one big udon. This restaurant has 200 years of history.

They have set menu and you can change the udon to tawaraya udon. This is a place we want you try once!

Name: Teuchiudon Tawaraya
Address: 918 Umakui, Jyokyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-463-4974
Time: 11:00~16:00
Access: 5 minutes from Kitan ohakubaicho station by foot

Map: Map to Teuchiudon Tawaraya

4. Okakita

4. Okakita
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If you think about kyo udon, Okakita is a place you should think. It is located 2 minutes from city bus “Dobutsuenmae” by foot. You can eat good soup here.

Our suggestion is Tentoji udon. It has lots of flake of tempura and shrimp tempura. They have rice bowl too. Please enjoy real kyo udon In Kyoto.

Name: Okakita
Address: 34 Okazaki minami gosho, Sakyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-771-4831
Time: 11:00~20:00
Close: Tuesday, first and third Wednesday
Access: 2 minutes from city bus Dobutsumae by foot

Map: Map to Okakita

5. Omen

5. Omen
photo by suhyeon__sh   /   embedded from Instagram

“Omen” is located at 2 minutes from city bus Ginkakuji by foot. You may thin warm udon when you hear udon, but cold udon is good too. This restaurant, you can eat dip udon.

Our suggestion is “Omento tempura set”. You can eat tempura and cold udon together. They also have seasonal set too. They have tatami seats and counter seats. Please try once!

Name: Omen Ginkakuji honten
Address: Ginkakuji bus pool minamidonari, Sakyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-771-8994
Time: 11:00~21:00
Access: 2 minutes from city bus ginkakuji by foot

Map: Map to Omen Ginkakuji honten

6. Fumiya

6. Fumiya
photo by to_mi_103   /   embedded from Instagram

It is humid in Kyoto in summer but it gets cold in winter. You can eat warm udon at Fumiya that is 5 minutes from Karasuma station by foot.

How about getting through cold winter in Kyoto with warm Nabeyaki udon? Price is good too like 670 yen. They also have dessert too.

Name: Fumiya
Phone: +81-75-222-0006
Time: 11:00~16:30
Access: 6 mintes from Karasuma station by foot

Map: Map to Fumiya

7. Hosoi

7. Hosoi
photo by twoforone_ltd   /   embedded from Instagram

“Teuchi udon Hosoi” is located 3 minutes from Uzumasa Kouryuji station by foot. They use flour that is made in Japan. If you come to Hosoi, please try white curry udon that is 1100 yen. It is all white but taste curry. You may wonder why it is.

If you go during lunch time, you can add one vegetable, rice and tsukemono for 200 yen. If you pay 100 yen more, you can have warabimochi too. If you come to Kyoto, please visit this place too!

Name: Teuchi udon Hosoi
Address: 17 Uzumasa Katsuragahara, Ukyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-871-6707
Time: 11:30~15:00/ 17:30~21:30
Close: Thursday, second Wednesday
Access: 3 minutes from Uzumasa kouryuji station by foot

Map: Map to Teuchi udon Hosoi

8. Menbo Yamamoto

8. Menbo Yamamoto
photo by yuya_kawa18   /   embedded from Instagram

How about eating good udon at Menbo Yamamoto that is in a small street that you feel old days of Kyoto? It is located at 4 minutes from Shijyo station by foot.

They have cold somen and Chinese noodle other than udon. They also have lots of rice bowl. If you want to taste good Kyoto udon, please visit Yamamoto.

Name: Menbo Yamamoto
Phone: +81-75-255-0856
Close: Sunday, holiday and third Saturday
Access: 4 minutes from Shijyo station by foot

Map: Map to Menbo Yamamoto

9. Chikaramochi

9. Chikaramochi
photo by fumaichigo   /   embedded from Instagram

Chikaramochi is located at 7 minutes from Kyoto station by foot and has been there for a long time. It looks like public restaurant but the taste of udon is amazing. During lunch time, it’s always full so you should avoid lunch time.

They have regular menu like Kitsune udon and unique menu like cold sesame seed oroshi udon. If you want to eat making big noise without caring others, you should go this place. You might be satisfied.

Name: Chikaramochi
Address: 699Ebisuno, Shimogyo, Kyoto
Phone: +81-75-371-3867
Time: 10:30~16:00
Access: 7 minutes from Kyoto station by foot

Map: Map to Chikaramochi

10. Tanakaya

10. Tanakaya
photo by me14gu   /   embedded from Instagram

“Tanakaya” is located at 12 minutes from Tamamizu station by foot in Kyoto. If you come to this place, we would like you to try their soup. Their udon looks simple but it is tasty. They also have unusual menu like kakeraudon.

There are terrace seats so you can relax watching beautiful green outside. If you can’t decide where to go, please visit this place!

Name: Tanakaya
Address: 20-1 Idetamanoi, Ide,Tsuzuki,Kyoto
Phone: +81-774-29-1644
Time: 11:00~14:00
Close: Sunday
Access: 12 minutes from Tamamizu station by foot

Map: Map to Tanakaya

Let’s enjoy udon in Kyoto!

Today we introduced 10 places that you can eat good udon in Kyoto. We introduced only a little bit of udon places. If you go to Kyoto, please find one you like enjoying walking around.

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